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Appointment Info / FAQs for Medical Marijuana Patients

How long does the visit take?
Online visits are scheduled for 30 minutes. In-person visits take a full hour for appointments, and an hour and a half for walk-in patients. There is about 20 minutes of paperwork for both new patients and renewals, a 15 minute consultation with a cannabis professional, 10 – 20 minutes with the doctor, and about 10 minutes for copies and check-out. Bringing medical records related to your condition can speed up the process, as can filling out medical history forms in advance. Forms can be filled out in advance here 

Do I need medical records?
For patients age 18 and older we do not require medical records in most cases – but we do prefer them. So do your best to get them. We accept records from both conventional (MD or DO, hospital, urgent care, xrays, MRI report, etc) and alternative providers (chiropractor, acupuncture visits, nutritionists, physical therapy, massage therapy, etc). If you are taking or have taken prescription medications for your condition, please bring in the bottles.

What if I use edibles or need more plants?
We DO write Increased Plant Counts for qualified patients, at the doctor’s discretion. There is additional paperwork and an additional fee for this service.  Our maximum count is 24.

Am I required to pick a dispensary?
No. Healthy Choices Unlimited is an independent evaluation clinic not associated with any one dispensary or care group. You may designate a dispensary or not at your choice.

What are caregiver rights?
Caregiver rights is the assignment of your plants to a Caregiver or dispensary, also called a Medical Marijuana Center. A Caregiver is an individual person who grows plants for your medicinal use; or who purchases and transports cannabis for you , if you are Homebound – unable to leave home without assistance.

Healthy Choices Unlimited does not take your caregiver rights nor do we recommend any particular caregiver, dispensary, or MMJ center.

I don’t have a Colorado ID. Can I still be considered for Medical Marijuana here?
You can only join the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry without a Colorado ID one time. Renewals must have a Colorado ID.

New state rules make joining with an out of state ID much more difficult than before. NEW PATIENTS need BOTH a valid driver’s license or ID from any US state, AND a passport or passport card, a military ID, Medicaid/Medicare card, or a Social Security card. You will need to complete a Residency Waiver form and have TWO documents to show you live in Colorado. Click here for the form. The documents must have your name and Colorado address on it and be dated within the last 60 days.

The Registry will accept any combination of TWO of the following:

  • Colorado voter registration card
  • Colorado employment paycheck stub or W-2
  • Colorado Income Tax Return
  • An official letter regarding State benefits (PERA, Food Stamps, Medicaid, etc)
  • Colorado Automobile Registration

The mailing address on both documents must be in Colorado. The document must be less than 60 days old. Tax documents may be from the previous year.

Are there any discounts available?
We offer a discount to patients paying with cash, as there is an additional $5 fee for paying with a card. Discounts cannot be combined. We offer a discount for military service to patients with a current US military or Veterans ID card.

Do you see patients under the age of 18?
Yes – we will evaluate patients under the age of 18 with the following requirements: medical records are REQUIRED for minor patients, and a parent or documented legal guardian MUST accompany the minor to the appointment. Click here for a Records Release to send to your current provider so we can obtain records. As two doctors must sign recommendations for minor patients, we will refer you to a second doctor if you are not in the Denver area. Our Denver clinic offers children’s appointments with both our Denver doctors, but on different days. A full-service package including a temporary license is available for qualified children as well. You may also see one of our doctors and another doctor of your choosing, and still take advantage of our full-service package. Call to see which is right for your family.

We recommend you read the instructions on the Medical Marijuana Registry Card Application for Patients Under 18 Years of Age at the CDPHE MMR Forms page

of the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry for more information.

What if the doctor does not recommend Medical Marijuana for me?
You will be refunded ALL of your processing services fees and HALF the doctor’s evaluation fee.  The most common reason our doctors do not recommend cannabis is lack of Colorado Qualifying Condition. Different states have different Qualifying Conditions. For example, in California you can get a Medical Marijuana recommendation for insomnia (trouble sleeping), but you can’t in Colorado. Please read the Qualifying Conditions page either here or at the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry website and call us if you have questions.