Other Therapies

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At Healthy Choices Unlimited, we want you to do more for your health than just smoke pot. Seriously. We advocate a well-rounded approach to health and wellness. While cannabis is an excellent medicine, its effects can be further enhanced by the addition of alternative therapies.  We strongly believe in the numerous benefits of acupuncture, massage, and a healthy diet.

Priscilla Solis LMT, of Sol Massage offers massage, bodywork, and cannabis-infused CBD massage sessions at our Denver clinic on Colfax Ave, and private mobile massage at your own location. Call for hours and services.

Nutritional consultations with Martha Montemayor, CNC can help pin-point food sensitivities and recommend condition-specific nutrients. Call today for a consultation.

Laura Lasater MD, LAc offers medical acupuncture at our Denver location. Call for a private appointment.