Due to the pandemic, we are no longer selling CBD products from our website.  You can order directly from the following manufacturers. Patients will find dosage recommendations and treatment suggestions in after visit follow-up emails from our Support Staff.

CBD Capsules Http://TrillPills.com   also available at Trill Dispensary in Boulder. We recommend from 10-50mgs per night to help reduce pain, inflammation, and set a level of CBD in the body as a preventive for many types of chronic pain.

Amazing balms & salves  Http://AuthenticHempCompany.com   Check out the Juniper Joint rub for deep-penetrating arthritis care and Settle Salve for musculoskeletal pain that includes heat or inflammation. Women’s Moon Balm is frequently recommended by our docs for endometriosis care and general women’s wellness.  Authentic tinctures are high-quality organically grown and can be used for both people and pets.

Fast-acting oral sprays   Http://THRTech.com   and Http://QuicksilverScientific.com  We are big fans of the super-fast acting nano-emulsified oral sprays for pain, seizures, muscle spasms, migraines, anxiety, and more.  Ask our doctors during your visit about products and usage.

Roll-on “Icy-Pot”  Http://Elixicure.com  Fast relief for muscle aches and pains.

For our Western Slope patients, try Http://OnlyPure.com  for retail CBD store locations for capsules and tinctures